Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camping and Racing- No photos.

Many people know that I have a very strong aversion to tents and racing. I like camping, a lot, however,not combined with a race. Well I surprised even myself when I agreed to meet several teammates Friday afternoon at the primitive Bear River campsite across the road from the start line Friday afternoon. I picked Wedge up at 3 and we took the scenic route over Bald Mt pass to the site. We kitted up for a half lap pre ride, came back, sat in the river for 15 minutes numbing the legs, set up camp and ate a great fireside pasta dinner, tans to Jenelle, Ryan, Rhonda, Andy, Heather and Steve for the fixins. Some nice fireside chat then 9 hours of sleep in a tent with a river running by it.

The race started with 7 of us, Neither C Bingham nor Art where there. Daren and a Young Riders rider took the lead, across the bridge it was Fred, Daren and I at the front. I had fully planned on taking an relatively easy 1st lap, as to have something left at the end, as it is a long, brutal race. Halfway out on the flat road to the lap, I went to the front, and just kept a steady pace. Halfway up the Sage Draw climb, I turned around and could see no one in my group. So I decided to keep it at the same pace. I passed Mikey(30-39) from on this section and he said to me that either he was really slow, or I was really fast. My reply was 'I am dumb' I made it to the long dirt road climb, and still could not see anyone, even on the sections of trail that you could look a long way back. I made it up the steep singletrack climb without trouble (except for my heart wanting to explode) Passed Brian Gillespie at the top. Traversed over to the rough doubletrack DH and decided not to risk anything on the descent. Came through the lap zone, picked up my bottle from Dusty (thanks) and proceeded to go just as hard as I thought I should(or could). At the neutral feed zone I grabbed a water bottle and sucked 1/2 of down quickly, as I did not want to dehydrate. I almost puked due to the speed of the water intake. The rest of the climb was intermittent moments of power and oh dear lord I am going to DNF. I again took the dh easy and started running into lapped traffic up the short Dead Mans climb, I got around everyone safely.

Coming around the final lap zone, you still have 4 some odd miles to go to the finish, not so easy either cause there is still close to 500 feet of climbing left. On one of the small rises before the lap zone, I got out of the saddle and felt my right quad start to cramp, I sat down immediately and spun.

I made it across he line with the win, with about 40 seconds to spare over Karl. I faded over the last half of the race. The first time around the 11 mile lap, my time was about 58:30, the second time was @ 1:01:30 . 3 minutes difference. 3 minutes is a LONG time. Funny how circumstances ended up making me race the exact opposite race I had planned on.

Oh yeah, On Friday during the pre ride, I noticed my spider was bent enough that when in the big ring the chain would swim between the outside and inside of the front derailleur cage ever revolution. I had to put that out of mind during the race, and it all worked out.

Lots of carnage on the course, lots of opportunity to over cook the DH with big consequences, glad I chose to take it easier on the appropriate sections.

I walked away with the Expert 40+ season championship. The season feels better as I had 3 wins, last year winning the 30-39 championship was less exciting, cause I had no wins.

The team lost the team comp, not enough beginner racers. We did have a large number of series winners and podiums though.

Great ICUP season again, fun party afterwards.

several years ago, Lyna took 3rd at the race and got a sweet beer mug, I wanted one of those mugs. The next year I got 3rd and got a headset cap, which when you have a lefty, does one no good.

The next year I got 4th, by 7 seconds in and epic battle with hooptedoodle. Last year I got second, again, to my nemesis Paz and got a huge county fair ribbon. finally, this year i get the win and a nice coffee mug and coaster, that actually says the race and the placing on each, as apposed to my nice NMBS medal that says neither.

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no better way to finish off the icup season. nice work Bob.