Saturday, December 01, 2007


That was a blast, in some sick demented mind, which I have. The whole time warming up, I kept thinking, this was going to be a good day for me, don't sweat the start just keep smooth and loose and work your way up. That is just what happened, for a while at least.

I got a bad start, all over the place, ended up in about 10th position, started working my way up, takin it real easy and the first lap, pulled back up to Mike, Linde and Racer, on the third lap, i came up on KWilde diggin a snow fort he got on my wheel for a lap and we go back to the aforementioned trio and a few others, my sun glasses were fogged up and a hindrance, but grabbing them was more dangerous as one false move and bam you go down. SO i finally get em off and am on the back straight and hit bump and go down, head first, a bit of blood on the right shin. This was on the 3rd lap, I went down 2 more times here, lost everyone I was with at this point, plus Fearick got around me, spent the rest of the race with Kris A and Gary D and stayed upright somehow. It was all about slow in the corners and staying loose and relaxed on the bike. Think I ended up 8th or 9th in the end, had a blast though, much more fun than dry and dusty.

Went to dinner with Lyna, Ty, Bull Elk, Ronny Poo, Pepe and Sara and Meredith, then to an art showing, kind of a fun evening.

Photos of mostly A 35+A and mens B;s up on flickr tomorrow.

Pilling Boys and Zach Crane asking me why I didn't corner faster.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you corner faster? Looks like a great time! I'm totally missing out.

Anonymous said...

You rock!! Wish I was there to watch but I had to beat feet to make a deer valley meeting. Loved the course though!

Anonymous said...

Bob, some of the pics you and wife shot are awesome. I had to poach a couple for my blog. thanks, gf

Team Rico said...

Great pics, my camera was frozen so I had to steal a couple of yours, hope you dont mind.

Kevin Wilde said...

I think you weren't trying hard enough. Your pink bar tape looks extra cute in the snow though.