Friday, December 28, 2007

5 things

This feels like some sort of pyramid scheme, form letter forwarding, I was going to NOT do it, but i am bored this morning and avoiding doing annual reviews. Lyna is sick, the dog is sick, the cat is indifferent and work slows down between Christmas and New Years.

1. I Collect (or did collect) Teddy Bears. I know how it started, in the 80's, in High School I was trying to get a date any way I could, a sensitive story about a teddy bear did the trick, some how it grew and still, to this day, every year at Christmas my sister send s Lyna and I teddy bears. SHe gave us Teddy bears as part of our wedding gift 10 years ago as well. We have a critical mass of teddy bears, but we give them away occasionally. Crazy I tell ya, it all started with a bear I got from a bank account opening in the early 80's and grew out of control.

2. Some what related to the above, up until around 1992 I was very involved in Catholic Youth Ministry, as a teenager I went to retreats, leadership conferences, etc.. very often. As a young adult I moved into helping run these things, It was a nice spiritual outlet. I was rather inclined to let the teenagers find their own way, I usually had the presentation at the end of the weekend/ week and i tried to use what happened during the event build what my presentation was. I remember where it all ended for me. We were planning an upcoming event, the Director said we needed to review my presentation, I reminded her that it would not be ready until right before the time I was to give it. She told me that we needed to make sure the kids 'Got a specific message' I walked out and never returned. My parents still don't understand why I don't go to church. Religious does not equate righteous or spiritually sound.

3. In 2nd grade I went into the hospital on Christmas day with Pneumonia. Ever since I have chewed my nails, except recently since I started racing, while training, I have no nervous energy, although during the off season (now) I fight to NOT chew them.

4. I don't drink alcohol and I live in Utah. Yet I am not OF Utah, strange.

5. My Favorite High School teacher, due to my angry young man, anti establishment questioning, told me I was born 20 years too late. I would retort, If I was born 20 years earlier, I would of been a causality in Vietnam. She would walk away shaking her head.

Kracht, Kathy, Warren, Mark N and Brad Keyes



Anonymous said...

#4 I drink alcohol and I live in Utah yet I am OF Utah. Not so strange.

Anonymous said...

Aren't cats always indifferent? Get better to Lyna!

flahute said...

I drink alcohol, and I live in Utah, but I am definitely NOT of Utah ... which means I'm pretty normal in that sense.