Saturday, September 29, 2007

CX Weather


So, looks like Fort B. will be possibly full of slimy fun. Good times.

Interbike came and went, a cesspool Vegas is, I still smell like cigarettes. Made some good contacts, 2008 should be good. The Crpss Vegas race was fun to watch, Newby, Chris D, Alex Grant, Brandon Firth and I were all near the run up, as I told Dr X there were a bunch of belligerent drunks, wearing capris with hip messenger bags throwing full cans of beer at the racers, what jackasses, they would feel right at home at a high school kegger. The police came and removed them at the end of the race.

Ali, Jon G and Sager lined up, had decent races, Sam Krieg had a sweet fall/somersault/ remount. it almost looked like he meant to do it.

Made it to the CX practice Thursday night, good workout, hopefully we will have more of them.

In laws were in town and we had dinner Thurs. and Fri.

What the HELL is Bettini trying to do, claiming that drawing his blood is in violation of his human rights?? He can't be serious, what a tool, now he is suing a newspaper over a story, asshole. He is right up there with Cyclocrosses biggest ass, Bart Wellens.

Dr X. Here are my 'grass' photos.

Back Yard, what is green is just a bit of grass and mostly weeds, we do have an open irrigation ditch back there too.

Side yard, no grass

Front yard, grass is where there is 95% shade, watered about 5 times a summer.


Forrest said...

Its funny how there is this "hipster" versus "real bikers" thing going on in cycling right now. One side likes to make fun of fixed geared bikes and knickers but fails to see that they look like kooks and silly in the neon spandex as well. Really they both are kooks! Ride a bike and shut up. Thats my philosophy and dont call me a hater. Come on messenger bags suck compare to using backpack, I know, I commute and neon spandex makes you look like a fag. Also I know some hipsters that would put any "real biker" deep into the pain cave. So dont go there either.

StupidBike said...

calm down forrest, the commentary was on the dangerous beer can throwing, not what they are wearing.i am not competing and i know i look silly in my spandex, i don't care, it is function over form, calm down, if they were wearing armani suites, i would of described it that way,but they were not, they were drunken idiots putting racers at risk, wearing capris and messenger bags. Hell they could beat me up and beat me in a race, but that is not the point of my commentary.