Saturday, September 08, 2007

Best Laid Plans..

Set out for a 4-5 hour epic today, met Alex, Rolf and Justin at Mill D at 7:30 am. Headed up the road and up and over Guardsman, down a trail I have never been on and eventually onto Apex in PC, we were planning on Mid Mountain to the canyons yet a running race changed our plans. We picked our way around 10-20 sometimes upsets racers and decided to head up the powerline to Jupiter lake and up to the Crest. Justin bailed before puke hill, The rest of us headed up Puke and down Mill D back to the cars, made for a 3 hour ride. It was fun, my back is a bit shocked from the gym earlier this week. Tonight I was planning on a night ride for an hour, we will see how I feel.


UtRider said...

Yeah, I had a Park City to Salt Lake ride planned for today via Mid-Mountain and Millcreek but pulled the plug when I learned of the marathon.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaa wasatch 100 at night.

runners blow

i like the maps, post more.

Anonymous said...

Is it light at 7:30am?