Saturday, June 09, 2007


My first peak race, loss of hours during the week due to rain, maybe no such a bad thing, Nice intervals with BP on Wednesday down in Draper.

SO 30 Pro's lined up in front of me today. Including Chad who moved up, another day of depressing move ups, cause I liked trying to catch him. Nevermind, we had over 20 in 30-39 anyways including Climber Zenger, Jason Travis and Isaac Wilson. I also new Wimmer was going to be going strong.

10 seconds in, at the front, feeling ready, pop, my chain goes from the middle ring to the Bottom Bracket, I didn't shift or anything, crap. Took me a bit of time to get it on again, by the time I was back on the bike, the whole field was by the feedzone, I almost quit at this point. But i kept going pushing hard on the climbs recovering on the DH, I got around a lot of people on the rest of the first lap, still more by the end of the second lap. I then dropped a few people up little stick the 3rd time. In the end I cam in 5th 1.5 minutes off the winner (Wimmer).

Who knows what would of happened without the dropped chain, I was less than 30 seconds of 3rd and 4th, I think. I feel good as I pushed on and pretty much gave the group a 45 second head-start, had to pass a crap load of t[people on singletrack through rough stuff and still finished top 5. That is still satisfying.

Lyna had a great race for 6th only 4 minutes behind the winner, she was really, really nervous about it, DV has been unkind in the past, It was kind today.

After we stopped at SugarHouse park to watch the Pro 1/2 crit, Louder made it look easy.

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UtRider said...

Nice ride today. You'll have your revenge next weekend!