Monday, June 04, 2007

Big week

13.5 hours, 3 races and some decent results.

After the Stan Crane Memorial, I was hurting 2.5 hours at effort are rough, so Wednesdays mid week race on the Icup course was brutal, not at all recovered. Took Thursday off and rode easy on Friday and still woke up nervous about the Sundance Spin. Jarom Zenger and Isaac Wilson showed up, Jarom in his first 2007 come climb out legs off appearance and WIlson probably getting ready to ride up Everest or some shit. The start saw IndOhran go off the front, he claims later it was cause he didn't want to breathe ou dust due to bronchitis, i told him to go to the doctor. SO much for my share of Fox's 100 bucks. About halfway throuh the race I was hovering near 10th place, I think, it is kind of fuzzy, then I started my charge on the last lap, I got around Fred on the last part of the climb and put quite a gap on him, he closed on the descent as he probably got some better lapper passing lanes, I fizzled about halfway up the pavement to hold on to 5th, ouch.

Saturday was Team Shannifer's celebration BBQ, good times.

Sunday was low motivation day, needed 2.75 hours on bike, didn't want to road bike it, partner bailed and then unbailed on a DV pre-ride, too late, I headed out for shoreline solo, ran into Bart who talked me into hitting millcreek with him and fox, turned around at the Dog Lake trail head, cause I had to log into work (which failed to happen) wish I could of headed up to the crest with them, in hindsight I could of. I'd be even more tired now, for some reason, except for the very top, I felt it necessary to stick with Bart, not at max, but hard enough day after race, got 6 miles of dirt in for a 40 mile ride, saw Team Rico briefly as I was entering dirt.

DV looms in the distance, I love that course, 2 weekends in a row, Yeah

Photo Stolen from here

Oh Yeah, lest I forget, she is no longer a HARLOT, now she is A LOT, that right there is some funny shit.

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