Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So I chose my wording incorrectly

I changed firestorm to a breakout of wadded up panties. Sorry for the previous exaggeration. :) I'll be there with bells on, or maybe a skort, haven't decided yet.

Oh yeah anon, the cycleutah site only has a few wadded up panties, the google group has more.

Tonight Ty and I held a clinic for Team Revolution Peak Fasteners, I did 8x30 second efforts up corner canyon road first. About 10 team members showed up and we did a few repetitive motion drills for cornering, started on flat pavement and then went up and did it on the Downhill Dirt road. Everyone learned something or tried something new. Nice quick focussed clinic.

Next time we will add some switchbacks and rocky descents.

I must say that I respect the road racing community, i love riding, training and racing with you, i just do not understand how a race that has clearly stated limits can be taken to task. I have seen some pretty mean things written about the promoter, Who out there is willing to step up and make it better, instead of complain, take positive action, you may actually be happier as a result.

Ed C. You spoil us, really you do.

Oh yeah, Utahmntbiker has a nice comparison, maybe a lottery next year will help people unwad said panties, oh yeah 5 mile sunday, time TBD


Utah Mnt biker said...

Thanks for the personal invite for Sunday :) The bull elk and I are heading to Moab for three days of pain this weekend.

What is it with you and woman's clothing? Skort comment, Halloween costume. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

Ed really is a great promoter, the guy is the picture of organization volunteer for one of his races and you'll see what I mean.

Adam Lisonbee said...

Roadies.... :rollseyes: