Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Evening Dirt

5:30 at the Zoo trail head.

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Fitty Watt may grace us with his presence. GO as far as we can before hitting mud. Hopefully all the way to City Creek.


UtRider said...

I rode from City Creek to Dry Creek at lunch today. There are definitely wet sections of trail (though surprisingly Dry Creek is in great shape) but almost all have a way to get through on dry ground.

There is one very short patch of snow on the trail between the water tank and the double track to the top of the Bobsled (when ridden west to east) but for cx riders it shouldn't pose much of a problem (I had to put a foot down).

Come do hill repeats with me at Brighton either Wednesday or Thursday.

Team Rico said...

If they made a 3 seater tag along bike, the girls and I would join you. The Chariot is a little wide...

KDAY said...

would have loved to join you today Bob, but had to do my riding at lunch. Shoreline was great!