Monday, April 13, 2009

5:30 ride was good

Had to get in a few hours pre storm, ended up going medium hard since it was 50 watt, Fred and I. Fred was bringing the heat. We rode to the top of Bobsled and reversed course back to the zoo, for about 15 miles of dirt. Lots of people out there, the ride had its share of carnage,  Iwas trying to grind up the mini spine above red butte and bounced out of my pedal or on a rock or something. at a dead stop my left leg collapsed under me and the bike with a 45%+ slope dropping 100 feet next in my day, luckily Fred helped me right my self before i did any damage. I did get some nice Crank Bro's scrapes on my calf, no worry.

Then on teh top of Bobsled some guy was running up the banned bikes trail, Fred asked him how it was, he said Bikes are banned, Fred said, ok, so did you come over from the other trail, he said yes, bikes are banned, Fred said, ok, so how is it? The guy goes into some tirade and runs off?????? So much for small talk.

We then decided maybe we should of called him an a-hole or something. Then we burned it back to the zoo. Good Times,


Rhonda said...

Must have been something in the air. I had some 'lovely lady' blow her horn at me as I was trying to cross Upland and get to the light. The light was RED but apparently her Mercedes couldnt wait 10 seconds for me to cross.

JZ said...

Bob, when are going to give more details on that end of the summer endurance race you have been hinting at for a while. I am hoping it is a 10/12 hour race at Solitude, which would be perfect course for a two person team. Of course that is just wishful thinking because I can't do 12 hours of Sundance on September 12th. Well, I can, but I am doing LotoJa that day.