Monday, January 05, 2009


The last post makes sense to me, of course, I rarely get out of my head, either out of my mouth or via a keyboard, exactly what I mean, but, pffft such is life.

Contrary to anything you may believe the below post was not directed at any person, any situation, any series, any racer, any official, any promoter, any fan etc.... It was an observation and an opinion.

A good one, i might add.


KDAY said...

Hey! I'm really bent out of shape because I took the time to read YOUR blog and I don't agree with what YOU have to say. Why don't you write something that I'll enjoy reading. Selfish blogger.

flahute said...

It makes sense to me as well, and it's provoking good discussion ... and civilized discussion is what helps improve things.

I thought Daren's comments on the last post were quite insightful, especially with regards to Tanner ... I gave Tanner a hard time on the line at Fort Buenaventura about upgrading, but I think it was more teasing than anything else.

Tanner is young, and does need time to develop, and I think their decision to hold off upgrading unless he won another race was a good one for him. I was glad to see him try the A category at the final race in Draper, and again on Saturday at Wheeler.

It is about having fun ... but for those who do want to improve, it's also about pushing yourself, and the best way to do that is to upgrade.

MtbAllDay said...

In triathlon they don't really have categories -- just age groupers and overall.

Doesn't seem to hurt beginner attendance/interest at all, and it is fun because everyone knows exactly how they compare to the winner.

I don't see it working for MTB unless the riders are called up by points or something though.