Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 2

3 hours were on tap for today. Were to meet Newby at the race course, we get there he calls and says he did a Zen loop before meeting us but he blew up his rear derailleur and has to go to the shop to see what they can do, so Kathy and I head to Race course. Which btw, has BLM fences blocking off a few sections on the top of both road climbs, to keep ATV's out of the Stucki area, race course will have a few ne twists. We end up meeting up with Newby halfway through Zen, he was on his 29er single sppeed. Almost all the way off of Zen, he blows his rear tire, luckily a 26 inch tube works on a 29er cause he had no tube. That's 3 out of 4 rides on with a mechanical for him.

Kathy and I then went and did another race loop and went up the dirt road and dropped one of the 3 fingers of death, at the bottom of the finger, my fork was feeling odd, we rode the wash and stopped too turn around and my fork was feeling funnier. Ends up the needle bearings took a little trip out of their normal home.

Luckily Newby helped get me set up with a demo stumpjumper from Red Rock, whew.

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