Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quick USGP#1 post

1. Got to venue, not in race mindset, see Petersons, A Train and Jon G, While pinning on numbers, start talking to guy parked next to me, who after 10 minutes of talking, looks at me and says, 'Bob?' It ended up being a guy I went to Grad school with.

2. 3rd row start spot, cause of registration time. Decent start, most way through first lap (2 mile long laps) see Atrain on the side of course in obvious pain (he abandoned) Next ime through the same section, I go down hard, real hard, almost drop, but kept going, even though I went backwards. Did not end up last or lapped. Was sitting around 25th at time of fall. Was fun just the same

3.A little road rash is all, and sore shoulder,but i will be back Sunday.

4. Kathy rode a great race, tarted on back line made her way up,left halfway through mens elite to get cleaned up and meet old friends for dinner.

Woo, them boys are fast in 35+

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