Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Waaaaa freakin waaaaaaaaa

So, CX season is in swing, dusty so far in Utah. UTCX 1 was interesting. high elevation roughness.  The beginnings of a cold and zero efforts to date had me off the back early, yet held on for 4th, since 1/2 the field dnf'd with blown tires.  The single track was fun, but costly if you had too much speed. it hurt me. a lot. but I had a blast.

UTCX 2 was at my favorite venue, Fort Buenaventura, new course this year, lots of moon dust. larger field, Ashbridge got the hole shot with Raemisch and I right behind.  a few riders get ahead of me later on the first lap, Jess right behind me, on lap 2 i get back into the 3rd spot (i think) I then got into 2nd. somewhere on lap 3  Ashbridge is on the side of the trail fixing a dropped chain, so I punch it. a lap later he blows past me. A bit after that he was fading a bit. Raemisch was right behind me with gaps opening an closing dependent upon the terrain. 3 laps to go, I went too wide in a corner and got bogged down and he got around me and I was unable to close it. Ended up 3rd.  Good times.  Passed 1/2 the 35+ A group along the way, only got lapped by top 3 A's. Good day.

If you don't like a course, wait till next week, stop complaining publicly  you are only bringing yourself and the community down. It is so easy to use social media as an avenue for complaining, without offering viable solutions. Stop that shit.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I thought the layout Saturday was excellent and only wished I could have finished the race. Instead, I went to the ER so they could put a bandaid on my knee and give me a tetanus shot that still hurts.

Rick Sunderlage said...

you looked good standing on that box. Now stop passing me, okay?

rickm said...

Cant wait for the Utah CX season. I did about half of the races last season. Got hooked. http://www.sagecycles.com

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