Monday, April 04, 2011

I shall not.

These are my rules

1. I will never Link to my own blog posts via Facebook.
2. I will never make use of some utility that will post something I type in FB and Twitter.
3. I may occasionally (4 times a year?) link a blog post via twitter.
4. I will never re-tweet something someone I know tweets. Cause generally, everyone following me, follows them.
5. I won't post politics on FB, but may occasionally comment on them on Twitter, rarer still, if ever again on the blog.

Yeah, each tool has a purpose, and while I may be a tool, my purpose is confused. But consider this, do I really think anyone gives more than half a shit?

The historian in me thinks, hey this is a very interesting log of my life, but it is not my life, but others will interpret it as who I am, which could be good or could be bad.

The librarian in me thinks, more keywords!!!! lets build a controlled vocabulary and make it more search and retrieval friendly. Less=More!!!!!

Yeah, so there you social media jerks.

Cholla Weekend was fun.

Friday, pre ride with Kathy. Microwaved Sausage and pasta at the Chalet. Saturday, race day- very warm, hot even. 17 of us lined up, which meant I had overwhelming odds of placing higher than i did at the rampage. Daren and Reed took the lead from the start, then proceeded to mis a critical turn, which put me in the wind, so I slowed down. Somewhere around halfway through lap 1 I kind of settled in my anti heat exhaustion, make it at least seem like I'm racing pace and muddled through to the finish for 10th place (apologies, I took 9th). In keeping with annual, getting passed in the last mile form, I let Brian Jeppson pass me in the last mile, yep, I'm that nice.

Post race wind shut down the hanging out, so we broke camp I headed back to the motel. Then i watched UK forget how to hit baskets and free throws and still come close to winning, kitted up and went and did a night lap on Barrel Roll with Tolbert and K-day. I had some light malfunctions, which was nice, cause then I could stop and catch my breath.

Sunday ended up being a nice Goulds-Jem-Hurkin Rim loop from OTE with Kathy and DJ. DJ double flatted and had to bail, Kathy and I did the loop faster than ever, yeah, of course the day after the race I feel superhuman.



Blackdog said...

All these rules. Man that would harsh my mellow. Did you catch the Krisko presser? New Utah coach that I only hope will meet UK in the tournament. At this point losing to UK would make me happy.

rabidrunner said...

If you don't link your blog posts on the facebook, then how will your mom know that you have posted something new...?

KDAY Racing said...

RT "I shall not." @stupidbike #stupidrules #bobisbananas #fb, foursquare tweet tweet and such etc.


StupidBike said...

rabid, i actually block my FB feeds from my family, cause, well, they worry enough about me.

KDAY, duh :)

These are my rules for me, you make your own rules, for you, yeah, but don't judge me, unless you want to, then judge away.

OilcanRacer said...

rule #1, rules were made to be broken.

rule #2, inforce all rules

rule #3, the party of the first part is party to the second part who in reality is most likely the second party resembling the first part.

rule #4, there are no rules(only applicable before rule #2).

rule #5, rules are property of your imagination

rule #6, property is theft.