Monday, March 07, 2011

Desert Rampage

Went as expected, for me, although I blew up later in lap 3 than normal and only lost 3 minutes, in a half a mile section. Lap times 29-30-33.5ish. Didn't come in last though. Glad all the upgraded sportos beat me. That was a goal of mine.

Lyna had a great race back in sport, likely lost 3 or 4 spots, because she stopped to help a competitor who had a flat. She is too nice.

The team flop house was good times, hanging out, going to bed early. Olive Garden in St. G on a Friday night with a part of 11, bad idea......

Noah T crushed in his first race in Revolution Colors, should be a good year for him. Other new Revo riders were out in force as well, Ellen (World Champ) Guthrie, Paz (2008 Nemesis) Ortiz, Sally Fairbairn and others....

Sundays group ride was a blast, Bear Claw to hidden Stucki wash Climb to Rim trails to Barrel Roll to connector wash followed by smash burger.

Not so happy to be home for 5 days and then onto Beijing for a week, should be great prep for True Grit.

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zim said...

Noah lapped me just before the finish. As he went by I thought, "I've met him!" I've got a picture of him chasing me down the hill and someday, when he's famous outside of Utah, I'm going to show how just for a few seconds I was faster than Noah T. Good kid, fun to talk to.