Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I am a selfish person, to a certain degree selfishness is healthy. If i don't take care of myself, who will. If I don't go after my dreams, goals, etc... who will. At the same time, I open myself to others and give what I can, tangibly, spiritually and emotionally.

Cycling can be selfish, it takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to pursue this silly hobby, it takes a certain twisted mind to continue to do so with no concrete reward in site.

Outside of cycling selfishness permeates the air as well. There is an fuzzy line, that when crossed, selfishness becomes a detriment to me and others. Wants are confused with needs and somewhere in there we forget the truth of it all.

We are all in this together and need each other. Don't be a dick. Take care of each other and just be nice.


Carson said...

Nicely put!

Blackdog said...

I think everyone does everything for selfish motives. Helping people makes you feel good it is selfish. You nailed it with do not be a Dick. That is much more important.

ER Dog said...

I heard a rumor how you donated something to a young pro rider to help him out last weekend. Cool. Your living what you preach.

evilbanks said...

Great post man and totally true. Some of the best advice I ever got was be nice to people. I like your further advice of don't be a dick. Good call. Very good call.