Monday, November 29, 2010

lets try that again

i am not anti masters racing, Hell I am a masters racer, master racers are the bulk of the participants, they pay the bills, so to speak.

I am anti masters racing taking the sport in the wrong direction, I am anti masters racing taking away attention and funding for the future, I am anti masters racers complaining about entry fees and the like.

I am not a fan of USAC, for personal and professional reasons. I believe local does better and a loosely organized grassroots structure can strive and grow and keep the control in the local promoters/racers hands.

I am anti no qualifying to CX nationals (where fields reach 3 digits) and anti qualifying for MTB nationals (where fields are lucky to go above 20)

But in the end, I am a fan of dialogue, whether we agree or not, dialogue is good.

Adam, you are wrong, always, sorry.

I am a fan of snowy, icy cx races and hole shots and volunteers and people donating their time and resources for little to no recognition or reward.

thanks everyone, except you Adam. Sorry.


Grizzly Adam said...


Daren said...

I'm anti angry Bob beating me in the SS race. No hole shot for you next time.

I'm anti qualifying for MTB Nationals and certainly NOT anti no qualifying for Cross Nationals.

Adam, you're right most of the time. Bob, you're right some of the time. I'm right all of the time. Just ask me.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I am not anti Adam, but I am anti how long it takes his blog pages to load. I am pro dialogue, even if it means saying something just to raise people's hackles enough to get them talking. Not that I would ever do something like that.

dug said...

what i really want to know is, how do you feel about the designated hitter?

StupidBike said...

Baseball sucks

Anonymous said...

well....i'm anti anti. unless its anti pasta.

Blackdog said...

I am pro especially if I can get the Pro form.

MtbAllDay said...

I am pro Adam. I am anti-bob, but pro-Bob.