Monday, February 02, 2009

Day 3

Red Rock Cycles filled the need for a bike on Sunday. I am eternally grateful to Ryan and Doug and the rest. Kathy and I headed out to the Upper Graveyard Trail head for some exploring. We hit a lot of trails and Double track and still more trails and double track. Saw some sweet Petroglyphs. about 1,5 hours later we stopped at the car for refueling and deciding where to go. We took our time trying to find a dirt way over to the doubletrack leading to Barrel Roll, but we decided to take the road, about 15 -20 minutes later we were entering the trail.
Something amazing happens on technical sections when you are a skinny XC race type and you are on a bike with trail bike like geometry, a bit more travel and 2.2 tires (and 203 rotors) WOW, I felt like a super hero, It was a blast, for the first time, I cleared everything thing on the trail without a single dab or hesitation, good times. I won't be getting rid of the Scalpel anytime soon though.

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