Thursday, July 10, 2008

Out past my bedtime

2 nights in a row, last night it was Real Salt Lakes game,Thanks UTRider, that was a good time. They got smacked around all night.

Tonight it was my Shoreline Loopy, starting around 8 pm.

I went to pump irons at the gym right after work and prior to that plugged in the minewts to charge. Didn't get anywhere near a full charge, but i didn't turn them on till I started to descend City Creek. Good thing, cause the battery low indicator came on 2 blocks from the house.

It was nice and cool and empty up there. Relaxing, fun ride.

I discovered a new TT format. You have to keep your Ave. HR Below 130, Climb Dry Creek to the second over look. My Ave HR tonight, 128, time 16:00.



primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

it took me 16 minutes but i was pinned at 180

UtRider said...

Impressive, especially considering your "little" ring is a 29!

Aaron said...

Now this is a TT I can really get excited about. Too bad I'd be DQ'd when my HR spikes at 140 just by throwing my leg over my saddle. If I walk it with a few rest stops, I might be able to submit a valid time.