Monday, May 26, 2008

well shucks

Global storming is making for an interesting MTB season, first postponed race in 15 years for the Icup. A Wednesday Night Icup race, which will be quite fun and make for some rough recovery for Sundance. Below is a shot from today of Solitudes finish and Lap area. Ummm, well anything IS possible.

I got a great nap in today though.

I had a shot back to days of yore this weekend, Late 80's in Bowling Green Ky, listening to local Punk'ish rock.  Well dang, I forgot how fun that was, incoherent evenings in dark dank cellars getting bounced around with the speed guitar and lyrcis, sounds is if homeboys got some Cartoon Network love recently. Oh yeah, they are HUGE in germany. 

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primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

in 19 days i dont think the lower loop will be clear. maybe july 10th.

ed is a mtn man, he has knowledge of june mtns year after year. he puts too many high country events in the early summer. this race should be in mid july, no matter snow or not.